Saturday, November 3, 2007

Japanese Special

I have something special for you today. A Japanese special. This first video is a young kid who is super fast on a music game, insane. And the second one is a REAL Japanese exercise show that teachers English as well as what to do when mugged in America, hilirious.



Aleli said... hoppin...excahnge link??thanks...aleli

Preposterous Ponderings said...

LOL great videos!

My arms would cramp if I were to even try moving them as fast as that kid did. Damn!

Grassy Paws said...

All I could imagine was a guy pointing a gun at one of those women and she starts exercising singing, spre me my life, spare me my life, take anything you want, take anything you want...brilliant, loved the videos

Mike said...

That oriental exercise video had me pissing myself.


Emmy said...

the exercise video is hilirious I could watch it over and over and still crack up.