Friday, October 26, 2007

‘3 things you won’t let go’ Meme

I have been tagged for the ‘3 things you won’t let go’ meme by Alcoment....

This is about 3 things that I think are important to me and I am going to share it with you.

Firstly, is my MP3. Music is important to me I would not survive without it. It is there when you are happy, sad etc. Music is the window to your soul it can tell how someone is feeling or can change how you are feeling. I LOVE music.

Second, is my DVD collection. With a wide range there is a movie for any day. I am a huge movie buff and I will watch many kinds. I love a rainy day on the couch with a movie and some popcorn.

Last but not least, my imagination. Without this I would have a boring and dull life. I love to open my mind and entertain, a smile is worth so much. I love to make people happy. Happiness is hard to come by so sharing it is one of my favorite things.

Now that I have shared just a few of the things I can not live without I am spreading the love as these meme's usually go so I have passed this onto Mimzie, Marcus and Dawn. So if you accept then please carry this on and do the same. SPREAD THE LOVE. :)


My Name Is Marcus Langford said...


I can not do without two of the three things you mentioned which are the MP3 Player and imagination. I couldn't less about the DVD's because if I had a choice I would listen to music before poppin' in a DVD and it is easier for me to share a nice four-minute romantic song with my girlfriend than it is to play a two-hour DVD.

I love to think and part of my job as an architectural project manager is to constantly be creative which involves imagination to every degree possible.

I may actually post the three things that I can not do without and as you would imagine, my girlfriend will be #1 on the list.
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Emmy said...

My girlfreind goes without saying she is part of me where I go she goes so I dont need to put her on the list, she is always with me. I love her. :)

moooooog35 said...

Right now, I cannot do without my:

1) Bag of ice on my nuts
2) Vicoden
3) Porn

...which sucks, because I really can't do much with #3 until 1 and 2 are done with.


My Name Is Marcus Langford said...

Hey Emmy, just to let you have been TAGGED. Go to my blog and see latest posting for details.
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lindsay said...

life without music is no life at mundane would our days be? i agree!

Emmy said...

thanks lindsay have a great day :)

Mark Antony said...

Hi Emmy, you said "Music is the window to your soul"..I like that comment, I agree absolutely. I also tend to choose a DVD to suit my mood!

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