Friday, October 19, 2007


I watched this on a friends blog Just A Girl, and I had to share this with you all....I was so saddened and angry by this it made me cry! SHAME ON YOU MOMS AND MUTTS which is the organization that is responsible for this cruelty. :(


Mike said...

Bureaucratic horse shit.

Had that dog been given to me, the organization would have TRIED to take it from my good home, only to find 205lbs of angry Mike ripping their arms off their bodies.

Had this been a reasonable organization, they would have gone to the home to do an evaluation to ensure it was satisfactory.

Is not the purpose of the shelter to find good homes? And if the dog was in a good home, just not THE good home that they thought?

Pure horse shit.

Stealth said...

I hate to see Ellen cry. These people made a BIG mistake.

mimzie said...

I saw this online the other day. My favorite part is that the owner of the place said she "wasn't going to back down from Ellen" and that she was "tired of celebrities using their status to get what they want." Yet, yesterday she didn't go to work or leave her house because she was getting death threats. Looks like Ellen might not have won the war but she certainly won that battle!

Grassy Paws said...

Agreed, a cruel, moronic thing to do but they got some publicity..which in the end, is the name of the game in that part of the country

thewishfulwriter said...

it's all really, really sad.

on one hand, i see the business owner's point that there was a clause in the contract that said the dog was non-transferrable. And i think in most circumstances, that is an excellent clause to have. too many people adopt dogs, decide they are too much work, and slough them off to less than adequate homes.

that being said, if i'm in the owner's shoes, i realize a few things:

1) ellen is a celebrity with lots of media access and if she gets angry at me, i'm going to receive a lot of negative publicity (and possibly death threats)

2) ellen probably isn't giving the dog to a homeless person

so, i probably would have left well enough alone and let this celebrity get by the rules.

this woman clearly did not have a good grasp on marketing and public relations...

Lisa McGlaun said...

I read Memzie's comment and what she found out is more disturbing to me than what happened to Ellen's friends.

I mean, come on people, death threats to the rescue organization because they are standing behind their policy? Give me a break.

I hope the situation is resolved and the family gets the puppy back. With that said, maybe, because of her status, Ellen should not have gone to her viewers with the problem but tried to solve it that would have eliminated the possiblity of death threats.

Now if the organization gives it and returns the dog is it because it was the right thing to do or because they'd like to live to see another day? I think highly of Ellen and I don't think this is what she intended when she let her emotions get the best of her on air.

Just my two cents worth. Thanks for posting the video Emmy.


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Emmy said...

Thanks for everyone comments on this post I appreciate all your input. :)