Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If I Am Lying, May I Be Struck By Lightning.

These are the words that people say when they are trying to convince someone of the what the hell was this Adelaide teacher saying to his students when he was struck down? Mabey something like F@#K! What a terrible thing to go through, this poor teacher and his students. Reports are that a male teacher at Port Broughton Area School, on SA's Yorke Peninsula west of Adelaide, was struck by a lightning bolt during a freak electrical storm that lasted about two minutes, he is in a serious condition and 15 students were taken to hospital. For more follow link.

Lightning storms are some of my favorite they can be so beautiful. I use to love watching the summer storms in Brisbane, where it would get so hot the sky would fill up with lighting that looked like lots of veins. It was so beautiful. Click the link for some great pics.


moooooog35 said...

My old boss of 3 years had his wife killed by lightning during an outdoor dog show. One of THE most devastating wakes I've ever been to.

..on a lighter note, I once electrocuted myself with one of those dog collars used to make them stop barking. Hurt like all bejeesus.

..and was not wearing the collar at the time...but I'm sure that's the image you have.


My Name Is Marcus Langford said...

Being hit by lightning is no joke. I have never been hit by it, but when it is going on outside, I make my way into the inside. There was a young girl over the Summer that was hit by lightning while waiting for the bus and it killed her. So many people in this area mourned her death and a great deal of us never knew the young girl.
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Emmy said...

Marcus - I hate sad story's.

Moooooog35 - I am saddened for the lose. And are you sure you weren't wearing it at the time.