Friday, October 19, 2007

Time To Reflect

I decided to go to the beach today and sit on the sand enjoy the sun and spend sum time in my mind. It was so peaceful sitting in the warmth of the sand with a cool breeze going through my hair, that I started to daze into the scenery while deep in thought about all the many subjects that makes my mind tick, when I was suddenly snapped back to reality by a barking dog who's owner was staring in my direction with a cheesy grin (not to mention he looked 50, albino with zink on his nose and enough tummy to bury me in the sand). I looked around hoping he was smiling at someone else, NOPE just me! Oh no when I was deep in emmy world did he think I was staring at him? I am not sticking round to find out! Tense and trying not to laugh I jumped in my car and ended the beach day quickly. And I thought the beach was going to relax me. LOL :)
Mabey I should go somewhere else next time.


moooooog35 said...

Dammit...I really did think you were looking at me.

..and I look 50?! Really?!

Emmy said...

I knew there was something cheesy about that grin. ;)

Mike said...

Just tell him to screw off, pervert.

He'll most likely lose the grin, and walk away, and let you enjoy the day.

If he does start coming at you, fatties don't run fast. If he was 50 feet away, he'd have to stop at least 4 times, giving you 18 minutes to pack up and get to your car. Maybe dig a sand trap for him?

Dawn said...

He must have saw that far-a-way look in your eye and thought it was his lucky day!!! :)

Emmy said...

Mike - LOL I will remember that next time.

Dawn - I will make shore I am wearing sunnys next time. HeHe